Lions Gate Hospital Emergency Upgrade

Halse-Martin was brought on board as construction managers to complete phase 2,3, and 4 of this 4 phase project to provide a more cooperative and cost efficient solution for the owner.

The project included renovations and additions to the Lions Gate Hospital to completely revamp the Emergency area of the hospital. The work needed to be done in phases in order that the operation of the Emergency Ward could continue during construction. A challenging aspect of this project was maintaining safe access for the public and hospital staff while allowing construction to go on in the immediate vicinity and at the same time providing barriers for noise, dust and infection control.

One of the challenges of the project was to provide numerous pile supported foundations, and in the process not interrupting the many existing underground services in the area. The project required that very large rooftop HVAC units be installed over the existing building and the numerous runs of ductwork were then routed through existing operational hospital space.

We were able to meet all of these challenges and at he same time provide for the hospital staff and public’s needs.

Project Details

Vancouver Coastal Health
24 months
Project Type: