Business Objects

Work for global software developer Business Objects started for Halse-Martin in August 2000 at the old Show Mart Building at 910 Mainland. Business Objects, then under the name of Seagate Software, were moving into 910 Mainland with the initial requirements for phase 1 of approx. 30,000 square feet of office space on three floors with interconnecting stair and elevator.

They then continued to take over more of the building in phases with the final phase, phase 5 being completed in 2008. The overall project consisted on a total of 220,000 square feet of office space, auxiliary space for emergency power and data centre for a total contract value of approx. $20,000,000.

Business Objects worldwide director of real estate and facilities, Bill Rinsma says that Halse-Martin handled the project’s 5 phases with integrity and an eye to the practical.

A major challenge of the project was working with the structural features inherent in a 1955 three-storey building. “The idea is to adapt on the fly,” says Rinsma, who admires Halse-Martin’s almost innate ability to discover the most practical solution for a given context.

Rinsma added that despite the challenges of constant need to adapt plans, Halse-Martin made sure that costs didn’t skyrocket and planned the project to make the best use of time and resources.

“Halse-Martin demonstrated their integrity by proposing the most cost-effective solutions rather that one that would put the most money in their pocket,” Rinsma says.

Project Details

Business Objects
Phase 1: Omicron
Phase 2 and 3: SSDG
Phase 4 and 5: Musson Cattel Mackey
Project Type: