CPR Roundhouse

Halse-Martin was awarded the contract for the renovation of the CPR Roundhouse in 1994. The building was to be ready as an exhibit hall for Expo 86.

The C.P.R. Roundhouse is the oldest building in Vancouver, B.C. in its original location. Constructed in 1888, it was built as the end of the line for the new national railway and a workspace for the steam engines. In 1984, it was very dilapidated and a home for pigeons. The roofs had large holes, the timber structure was deteriorated with rot in many of the main beams, columns and rafters, the floors were nonexistent in some areas and badly cracked, shifted and oil soaked in others. In short, the building was almost beyond repair.

We removed the roofs, most of the joists and the concrete floor slabs. The large timbers that were sound were retained and sandblasted. The columns received new concrete footings and the lower sections with rot were cut out and new timbers spliced in. The exterior masonry walls were rebuilt at the bottom with new footings, patched and re-pointed.

The large engine access doors across the front were replaced with new to match the old details complete with forged hardware.

Project Details

Expo 86
Hotson Baker
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