St. George’s School Phase 4

St. George’s School was in need of more up to date administration offices and additional classroom space so the decision was made to add a floor to their existing administration wing. This required the removal of the existing 1st floor down to the basement structure and constructing a new seismic reinforced 2-story wood frame 10,000 square foot addition in finishes to match the previous grand lobby addition.

Halse-Martin was engaged a general contractor to provide an economical solution combined with the high quality finishes required by the school.

Work began in the late spring of 2006 and carried on through the school term. As the work was adjacent to the operating school, our superintendent and construction manager had to work closely with the school’s project manager to make sure the school’s operations were not adversely effected by the ongoing construction and to allow fire exiting of the school through the work site.

The first thing to be done was the demolition of the existing main floor and stripping out the basement or lower floor. The basement required extensive hand and small machine excavation for a new elevator pit and underpinning of the exiting foundations to install new concrete seismic footings for seismic support. The main meeting hall for the school is adjacent to this addition and considerable efforts were required to keep this area in operation during the project including sound and weather protection.

One of the special challenges of this project was the wood framing. There were extensive seismic requirements that were provided by wood framed shear walls and a multitude of hold down anchors tied in to the foundations. The project called for a great deal of the framing to be the finished product and not hidden by other finishes which required extensive pre planning and attention to methods of construction and details.

Work was completed in the early spring of 2007 at which time Halse-Martin was awarded the award for excellence for this project by the Vancouver Regional Construction Association.

Project Details

St. George’s School
9 months
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