Vancouver Shipyards Paint Shed

During our long history of working for Seaspan and Vancouver Shipyards, our latest project was the design/build a new paint shed. This large building was required to contain the over spray during painting of barges and smaller ships. This was an unusual building in that it had to be high enough to allow the masts of smaller ships to be moved in, wide enough for barges and the walls were to be covered in a mesh that would contain the over spray and allow air to pass through. There was an extensive permitting process with the City of North Vancouver due to uncharted areas in regard to code issues. Work on site began in the fall of 2004 and continued into January 2005. The structure was a pre-engineered building approx 250’long x 80’wide x 100’ high. Being on the waterfront, our superintendent had to work closely with the shipyard to mitigate environmental issues regarding soil contamination and water drainage. This project was completed in February 2005 in 6 months.

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Vancouver Shipyards
Glotman Simpson
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