Coastal Church

Halse-Martin was brought on the team as construction manager for this project in the fall of 2004 to prepare budgets and to assist the owner on the scope of work that could be carried out within the limited budget available. The building was originally built in 1923 and was in need of major upgrades and refurbishing.

A new multi story development next door was providing financing by purchasing the “air rights” of the church and this tower was scheduled to be constructed at the same time as the church was to be renovated. The tower required a major excavation on the property line of the church and shoring was done to maintain the church foundations. During this process, cracks started to appear in the church walls indicating that it was settling on its foundations. Intense monitoring of this settlement was required to insure the old building did not deteriorate or collapse into the tower excavation. Additional reinforcing and rebuilding of the church walls were required to repair this settlement damage and to stabilize the structure.

The lower floor was completely gutted and rebuilt and the sanctuary was renovated with new walls, ceilings, refinished pews and floor.

A great deal of care was required to match the existing wood details and add new complimentary finishes to blend with the old.

Our superintendent worked with the owner’s representative on an almost daily basis to resolve issues that were constantly exposed as the building’s old finishes were stripped away and to find ways to provide the latest in mechanical and electrical systems without destroying the heritage aspect of the church.

The final result is an amazing space and has added a great treasure to the heritage of Vancouver.

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Costal Church
Busby Perkins + Will
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