Orpheum Theatre

Halse-Martin was brought on the team as construction manager for this project in the 1973 to prepare budgets and to assist the owner on the scope of work that could be carried out within the budget.

Originally opened on November 7, 1927 as a vaudeville house, the Orpheum was the largest and most opulent theatre on the Pacific Coast. The City of Vancouver purchased the theatre on March 19, 1974 and undertook a complete restoration of the theatre's interior. The Orpheum re-opened on April 2, 1977 as the permanent home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

As the theatre had been operated for many years as a movie theatre, there was much work required to restore it to its original state and more to bring it up the current standards. The stage area underwent a complete change with larger proscenium arch and ornate curving backdrop in plaster to duplicate the original details. A floor was added above the stage for rehearsal space. The complete interior was gutted and refinished including decorative murals throughout and on the dome. New mechanical and electrical systems were needed to upgrade and acoustic treatment to suite live performances. The work took about a year to complete and the result has provided the city with its most beautiful theatre.

Project Details

City of Vancouver
Thompson Berwick Pratt
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