Business Objects

"Halse-Martin continuously demonstrated their intergrity by proposing the most cost effective solution rather than what will put the most money in their pocket"

" Despite the challenges and the constant need to adapt plans, Halse-Martin made sure that costs didn't skyrocket. In one case, Halse-Martin ordered a three storey stairwell fabricated off site rather than have it built in place because it made better use of time and resources"

"Hlase-Martin handled the project's four phases with integrity, an eye to the practical and the idea to adapt on the fly."

Bill Rinsma, Business Objects Worldwide Director of Real Estate and Facilities


"Halse-Martin have been doing it for so long that they know what we are looking for. They provide good value and are reliable"

"In 2003, Halse-Martin oversaw the renovation to the HSBC in Whiterock. They had a six week time frame to install new counters, new plumbing, electrcial work and complete finishing. They worked at night so the branch could operate during the day, and cleaned up at the end of each shift so that there was minmimal disruption to regular activities of the branch. Halse-Martin delivered it over the Christmas period...on time and on schedule. That's where it's important to us, to have a contractor that knows what they are doing."

Peter Ward; Assistant Vice President Corporate Real Estate HSBC Bank Canada

Royal Columbian Hospital, Angiography Suite

"Working in a hospital that is operating 24 hous a day, seven days a week is always tricky. The Halse-Martin team was always courteous and polite and provide strong coordination to assist the staff when disruptions where necessary."

"Patient comfort and health is the primary concern when construction takes place in a hospital. Not only is noise a consderation, but the dust and debris from construction can increase the potential for infections. The Halse-Martin team established good working relationships and provided and maintained the appropriate procedures for infection control."

Tyler Schmidt; Faclities Planning & Real Estate Coordinator for the Fraser Health Authority

St.George's School

"I have worked with Halse-Martin on numerous projecst since the 1970's. Halse-Martin is willing to work as part of a team to provide the construction at a reasonable cost

Ted Hamilton; Principal E.W. Hamilton Ltd. a Property Owners Management Association

Royal Bank Lynn Valley

" I have worked on projects Halse-Martin has handled since 1969. They have a very good way of bringing on new staff and ownership changes has not affected the quality of the work the firm delivers."

John McCormack; John McCormack Architects